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Friday, June 26, 2015


Negev Desert

Vaade orule, mida kutsutakse välimuse tõttu kraatriks
This thing called crater is actually not crater but a strange geological formation

Oru põhi
The crater

Rändtirts hüppab kraatris
The locust jumping

Kraater päikseloojangu värvides
Sunset in the cater

Kanjon kõrbes
Not the crater anymore but now a canyon

Jälle kuristiku äärel - ohtlik maa

Over the steep
very deep
near the edge
stands Ats

No serpents here

Läks viltu
Got awry

Otsime vett
Looking for water

Oaas kaljulõhes

Maa on jälle lilli täis.
Mil ükskord mõistad sa?
Kevad on lillede aeg...

The scarce flowers of the desert

Otsin ujutavat vett
Looking for some swimable water

Punane meri
Red Sea

Minu pettumus oli suur, sest Punane meri ei olnudki punane
Red Sea is no red! What a disappointment :-D

Saaremaa juured löövad välja - kisub merde
Yellow submarine

Ats on rohkem emasse - kuivamaarott

Ardi was not sure
if to leave the shore

It is amazing this English language - the very one word has a hundred meaning,
additionally there are plenty of those of different spelling but the very same pronunciation

Friday, June 19, 2015

Another UNESCO Site

Iisraelis on muistiseid täis, igal pool on, mida vaadata
Israel is full of archaeological sights, everywhere is something to see

Sic transit gloria mundi

A pillar of salt

Mitu hobujõudu on eeslil?
How much horsepower does a donkey possess?


Inkade kindlus
Doorway to heaven

Asteekide tempel
Doorway to back yard

Karu koobas
Doorway to lower world


Triumfi kaar
Arc de Triomphe

Noah's ark

As arc and bow mean the same thing anyway - so let that picture be called: Rainbow

Cave Homes

Vanaaegne kodu
Ancient home

Vine cellar



Banquet hall

Huvitav kas vanasti oli selle muistse linna ümbrus viljakam või inimesed elasidki keset kõrbe?
Interesting whether in ancient times the landscape surrounding the place was more fertile or people did live in the desert?


Friday, June 12, 2015

Vox clamantis in deserto

Seekord, et kogu jutt oleks kõigile üheselt arusaadav, postitan nii maa kui austraalia keeles. 
Oleme jõudnud kõrbesse. Matkame kanjonis.

This time to be understandable for all of the friends the entry would be both in Estonian and Australian. We have reached to the desert. Hiking in a canyon

Vennad kitsed lebos

The goat brothers having a rest 

Kitsed pole Atsi enne näinud

The goats have not ever seen Ardi before

Kivi ko...ssi!

Ardi has got a stone in the boot

Peatu korraks oma teel ja vaata ringi...

Stop for a moment on your way and let the glance to wander around...

Lääne ühiskond on jõudnud kuristiku äärele

Western society has reached to the edge of the cliff

Pehme maandumine.
Emakits õpetab poegi kuristikku sööstma

Soft landing.
The mother goat teaches kids to descend the cliff


Gradient of Green

Vett ei ole, elu ei ole

No water, no life

Vesi on, elu ei ole

Some water, no life

Vesi on, elu on

Much water, some life

Vesi on, kõike on

Much water, the land of plenty

Ei ole midagi uut päikese all

There is nothing new under the sun

Kuged kajad, möödund ajad Austraaliamaalt

Distant memories of Aussie land

Mitte nii kauged kajad juutide maalt

Recent memories of Israeli land

Oma peegel on sulle paras... agua sanitas...


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our Trip

Eventually I proudly present the first set of the photo material from our HoliDays to the Holy Land

 Our trip was planned this way: there was a button and the suit was sewn around it. Here is the button - Ro-e.
As Hebrew does have its own alphabet and there is no right way to put it into Latin one it gives a person free hands to use his creativity. Guess how to pronounce the name :-)

Good tucker


That tree was in the way so we lifted it aside

Ardi witnesses the Arab Spring

Walking for hours
Picking all of the flowers
The Spring got worn out
to bring chaos about

A beetle in the bloom

I am very proud of my good little camera as this photo was shot from the car through the window class and zoomed in desperately


With those two pictures of the same spot at the megaliths I recollect the Tibetan proverb:
The man says: "Time passes!"
The time says: "A man passed!"

Is that the altar for Adonai or Baal?
Thinks the religion interested heathen

Another friend and another Hebrew name - Hili
Guess where we are. Not in a tent :D

The desert fox in his red coat
The green which can be seen is the vegetation in a hallow where water gathers and some dampness persists

The mountain goat on the top of the desert

Spring in the desert does bring flowers

Red desert flowers. Many coluors, many blossoms.

It is spring - the desert is REALLY green :-D