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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Culture

My Vedda Friends

Vedda people - Sri Lankan indigenous people. The hunters - neither Sinhalese nor Tamil they were the first in the island.

Malkanthi is cutting the tiny bird to roast it straight in the flames of a little bonfire

He got the bird with this stone bow

Medieval Capital Polunaruwa (UNESCO Site)

Lion - the symbol of Sinhalese people

Moonstone - a detail borrowed from Hindu tradition

The glory of buddhism
A moonstone and two figures at the staircase - Hindu influence

Hindu religion - Siva temple and Siva lingam

Mesoamerican influence. A Mayan temple iin Tikal.

A Buddhist dagoba

The same dagoba. Different angle, different look. Same-same but different :-D 

Buddha statues carved into the rock

Sigiriya Rock (UNESCO Site) from another rock (not-UNESCO Site)

On the way up - sleeping Buddha

All the way up
Sigirya Rock is in the middle of the picture
here using this link it is possible to see two pictures from Sigirya

My typical travel days on the top of the top picture :-)

In France

In Australia

That kind of bush grows on the top of the rock

The rock gave me really good friends :-)
Magical moments

Jaa... A magical rock. Many things can happen. Even the round shape big stone situating on the top of the rock  can jump from one location to another as you can witness if you scroll up and check once again...

Tamil Hospitality

Huyen and Grace's family


Tamil Tiger's kamikaze boat - like the crazy Japanese during WWII

Tamil Tigers' submarine in the army's war museum

Three More Random Pictures

Dagoba - typical for Buddhist Sri Lanka

Little England. The weather, architecture, red telephone booth, strawberries... what else really like England...  

...not this.
Same, same but different :-D
Best regards to Kertu ;-)

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