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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

In Mannar

In Mannar you have many layers of cultures with their own styles of  arcitecture 

The colonial style

The Portuguese-Dutch fort

The Catholic stile

The Lonely Planet author entering the church

The big brother is watching you

That picture I dedicate to Obe. The facade of the oldest Catholic church.

The Hindu way

Contemporary secular architecture

A fancy house

Another fancy one

A fancy fence - not that rich people to build a fancy house but at least rich enough to erect a fancy fence

Not that fancy fence... but to compensate that - the fancy gate

Bit worn but still of style

Worn but at least concrete... only the poorest have the palm fence

But as a matter of fact the palm fence, especially palmyrah fence is probably the most beautiful one

The same fence in closer look
Here some more pictures of nice natural fences

Palmyrah forest at Keeri beach - the place where the fences come from

Seldom you can spot some indications to the war fought recently

But what is hidden behind all those high fences?

The answer: the Banana bloom

The life in Mannar villages

The village which name Mirjam could not pronounce, far less I can write 


Men's work

Women's work

Talaimannar beach

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  1. I awkwardly dropped the milk bottle that was in my hand as Juwels explained that it was just so beautiful that she couldn't resist coming in to take some pictures with the horse.
    iron fence